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The online products that we offer here at the Digital Tech Learning Network are suitable for all levels. Whether you are looking to brush up on existing knowledge or want to learn to master a new digital skill from scratch we have courses to suit all needs.

Our courses are easy to follow and cover a wide range of topics, from coding, graphic design, web technologies and content management systems.

Learn to build a website

One of our most popular course choices is website skills. We cover all the basics, from how to use content management systems like WordPress and JavaScript, wireframing, HTML and coding.

Taking one of our website courses will provide you with all the knowledge and tools that you need to build your own website from scratch. We also cover payment systems and all the basics you need for launching your own online business or e-shop.

The easy way to learn

Flexible learning

Our products are all available online meaning you can start learning today. The easy to use digital formats of our courses mean you can learn how you want, when you want and can acquire new skills at your own pace.

Learn new skills fast

All of the teaching methods in the courses are approachable and easy to follow regardless of your previous tech knowledge. Following our courses will provide you with new skills quickly which will become lifelong learning knowledge.

Learn tech for business

Entering the online marketplace

Our products are ideally suited to anyone looking to launch a new business online and enter the online marketplace.

Whether you have an existing website that you would like to improve or if you want to start from the beginning, we have courses that cover all of the skills you will need to effectively launch a business in the competitive online marketplace.

Cost effective

Learning web and tech skills with us and taking your online business into your own hands will in turn save you huge costs on having to hire a web developer.

Take control

As soon as you have the skills to build your own website, you will be able to have full control of your business and should any issues arise you will not need to outsource expensive IT help as you will know how to quickly resolve the issue yourself.


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